Excellent Source

of Protein

Sh8ke It Up is an excellent source of protein between meals to satisfy hunger and fuel your muscles. With a delicate vanilla flavor and easily digestible proteins it will support your weight management routine.

Sh8ke It Up

  • Supports weight management
  • Protein helps with recovery after workouts
  • Helps satisfy hunger between meals
  • Supports low carb diet plans

The Ingredients

Our pea and pumpkin proteins and natural flavors taste great while satisfying hunger.


Shake tub before use. Mix 2 level scoops with 10-12 oz. of liquid (water or your favorite non-dairy beverage). Optional: Make a smoothie by adding your favorite low carb fruits or veggies and mix in a blender.

Sandra Mosteller

In just under one year, Sandra changed her body — losing 103 lbs. with the Innov8tive whole life approach to nutrition.

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