TESTIMONIAL: Nick Jackson, Fargo North Dakota — “Being a football player and a high school football coach, I have drank numerous energy drinks — if it was something that claimed to refuel my body or quench my thirst while playing, I tried it! I never felt like these drinks were ever bad or not helping until my wife told me to try her Invigor8. I was VERY skeptical, but decided I would be a good husband and drink one before practice. Didn’t think much about it until later that night, but I got thru practice feeling great! After practice, I would usually go home with sore muscles and crash. After drinking Invigor8, I went home and kept doing things! NO CRASH! I thought this was crazy, but continued drinking it during football season and felt better than I had felt in years. So after seeing how well that worked, I decided to try more! I now take the Biotics, Complete, Greens and Invigor8 on a daily basis!”

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