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Recent recipes and food tips from the innov8tive blog.

Mediterranean Style

We hear a lot of folks lament that they can't eat healthy while on vacation or traveling. Not true!!! We recently visited Greece and had this amazing Greek salad with fresh vegetables and olive oil. Mmmm. Can you believe that beautiful brick of...

Salt Stand Ins

We get questions about how to season if you're on a low salt diet. We like fresh herbs and citrus as a substitute and two of our faves are cilantro and lime. Perk up sautéd chicken or fish with these flavorful ingredients as well as soups. They...

Guilt Free Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday can often bring anxiety about what you can't eat and if you're trying to follow a healthy diet. Believe us — there is SO MUCH you CAN eat and enjoy! Remember that whether you're following Keto or Paleo diet there are so...

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