Our Team

Teamwork makes the dream work

Heidi Whitehair

Heidi Whitehair, former Day Care Provider and mom of three is a top Network Marketing Professional. She has spent the past 18 years in the health, wellness and nutritional supplement industry. Network Marketing has truly been a life-changing opportunity that allowed Heidi to build the house of her dreams, travel the country training and supporting her incredible team, and gave her the experience, knowledge and confidence to launch her own company, Innov8tive Nutrition.

Cindy Moser

Graphic Designer and Marketing Professional, Cindy was introduced to the network marketing industry in 2013. Within 2 years, she was able to quit her 9-5 job to fully focus on her customers and ever-growing business. She is ecstatic about the incredible products, marketing tools, and business opportunity that Innov8tive Nutrition has to offer.

Paula Moser

Former Dispatcher, Paula Moser, started a home-based business in network marketing in June 2013 and soon saw the amazing possibilities of being able to work from home. In less than 2 years she was able to quit her full-time job and focus solely on building a business!  She is excited about her new business opportunity with Innov8tive Nutrition.

Julie Guenthner

Julie Guenthner, former Day Care Provider and mom of two started her network marketing career in June 2000. Due to her belief in and results of the products, she was able to build a large organization helping many distributors and customers alike achieve their goals. She created a successful organization and is looking forward to her future with Innov8tive Nutrition with great anticipation.

Tammy Jones-Lonyo

Full time Program Coordinator, Sports Photography Business Owner, and mom of 2, utilizes any “spare time” to expand her 4 year Network Marketing experience by focusing on her passion to pay it forward. Not only has she transformed herself by losing 38 lbs & 28 inches, she is enthusiastic about inspiring other’s to better their health and financial freedom as well! Tammy is excited for the endless possibilities of future growth by sharing the gift of Innov8tive Nutrition!

Jacquelynn Ennis

Graduated from Chapman University in Orange with a degree in leadership and management. As a network marketing professional, Jacquelynn used her skills to build a successful business within just 3 years. Jacquelynn is a mom of 3, and her focus is on loyalty and visualizing her dreams and goals to create a better life for her family. I am in love with Innov8tives products “I want people to feel good from the inside out”!


Terri Podraza

As a hairdresser for 30 years Terri has served people helping them feel better and building relationships. In 2013 she found Network Marketing and an amazing group of people! They were instrumental in her personal growth and sharing another way to serve people and build relationships! She is excited for the future and the many opportunities INNOV8TIVE NUTRITION  offers to Live Your Best Life ! She looks forward to building relationships and changing lives with all of you!


Jacqueline Moran

Jacqueline is a wife and mom of 5 big kids as well a a former cafeteria lady. She was introduced to network marketing in 2014 and immediately recognized the incredible potential for entrepreneurship. She believes the key to success is products you can be passionate about and she found this with Innov8tive Nutrition. She knows the valuable role nutritional support plays in her family’s health and Innov8tive products have been game-changers for them. She loves saving money on the products AND earning a paycheck building a business she is proud of and can share with others.


Stephani Ebenstiner

Stephani is a wife and mom to three very busy boys. Having worked as an Administrative Assistant for more than 15 years, she spent her days building other people’s businesses and found herself coming home most nights physically and mentally burnt out. A good friend shared Network Marketing with her in 2014 which has allowed her to supplement her income and spend quality time with her family. Innov8tive Nutrition’s products have helped her achieve better sleep, have more energy and experience overall better health. She is on her way to living her best life.


Jamie Iannetta

Real Estate Agent and busy mom of 3 young children, Jamie began her career in Network Marketing in late 2015.  She fell in love with the products and flexibility and quickly built an organization that became like a family. Through changing her lifestyle and taking these amazing products, Jamie has lost close to 100 pounds and maintained her loss without strenuous, time-consuming exercise. Jamie gets the most joy out of helping others to feel better, gain back their confidence, and achieve their goals in health and/or wealth!


Sunshine Heldstab

Sunshine Heldstab is a wife & mama of two. She started in the industry 9 years ago with the desire to help people. She never thought she weould be “one of the successful people” because she was so shy. When she found health & wellness, she wanted to help everyone, and even more importantly—wanted to be home with her kids. She thrived in network marketing and was able to quit her job to be home with her kids, to pay cash for family vacations and am turn many other dreams into reality! ANYONE can be successful, if they TRULY WANT TO and put in the effort!

Shelli Gitchel

Shelli Gitchel was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest where she still happily resides with her family. Previously she spent 17 years in corporate America as an Administrative Office Manager in the food industry. In 2011 Shelli found network marketing which gave her the freedom of more time while building her business. She enjoys helping others reach their goals and dream big. Shelli is now more present in the lives of her children and works her business around being a Mom, her first passion. She appreciates the opportunity network marketing provides to create a lasting legacy for her family and wants to share that fortune with everyone.

Donna Sambula

Donna Sambula

Donna is a wife, mother and grandmother to 4 children and 5 grandchildren. She loves to spend time with family and is focused on growing her business so she can become a full time entrepreneur and schedule her own time. Donna fell in love with network marketing in March 2016 when she started her weight loss journey and shed over 100 pounds. Feeling great and getting her health back gave her the passion to share what she had learned with others. She feels that the key to a successful business is to stand behind a company and products that you believe in and the rest will fall into place.

*Results may vary as each distributor may earn differently depending upon the amount of time and effort expended in promoting the business as well as the manner in which the business is promoted.