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We Offer Choices

  • By Innov8tive Team
  • Published January 11, 2018
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One size does NOT fit all. That’s why we have choices at Innov8tive Nutrition. We have a keto diet track and a paleo diet track because hey, everyone is a little different and we want you to have the flexibility to meet your goals. Our products, food recommendations and SUPPORT in our special Facebook Groups make such a difference. If you haven’t tried Innov8tive Nutrition yet, we encourage you to give us a try. Contact support@innov8tivenutrition.com and we’ll find a promoter in your area.



Low Carb Vegetable Infographic

Here’s our low carb vegetable carb count cheat sheet. This collection is a sampling of some of the lowest carb veggies per 100 grams to keep keto easy.



The Keto Food Pyramid

  • By Innov8tive Team
  • Published June 1, 2017
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Here’s a simple overview of the Keto food pyramid in a handy graphic. You want most of your food choices to come from the base of the pyramid, then the middle, and strictly limit those at the top which contain the highest amounts of sugars and carbs. The circled foods are the ones you always want to avoid.